Our business

Always fresh products

Our company manufactures quality sandwiches and salads, with recipes developed every day. Listening to our customers, we have adapted our products to their expectations.

a family business since 1985

State-of-the-art cooking technology

The preparations and cooking that we carry out for you are rigorously controlled thanks to our automated cooking system. You will always have the same flavor and find the same taste, every day.

Foods of Quebec and MAPAQ certified

We are subject to strict quality controls. Certified by the Ministry of Quebec and by “Aliment du Québec”, we rigorously respect hygiene and safety procedures. “We are thus responding to a need expressed by more than 7 out of 10 consumers…”
Buy local and sell local to protect the environment!

Our values ​​for the future

Thanks to our customers who trust us, we carry out projects that allow Burkinabés to access education. Opening the doors of knowledge to prepare a future for everyone, this is our vision. (L.W.B)


Environment friendly